The Bliss model is a log inspired from the wonderful 60’s. Retro love with a modern twist and medium weight, Bliss is designed to have excellent turning ability rail to rail. Nose lift responsive to assist dry toes and longer nose rides without that early nose dive, combining ease of use with performance. Rails are foiled, slightly turned up resulting in a ride and glide that is nothing short of pure Bliss.

“After having the chance to test out a few different boards in Bali beach breaks and the point breaks of Java, I feel this board is the best all round log I’ve ever ridden.
You can stall and lock into the pocket of a point break peeler and still manoeuvre so you get the best of both worlds. Put in the right spot, this board has a feeling like no other… a stable yet exhilarating nose ride with an amazing feeling of levitation.” 
 Ben Renwick

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